API v2010 ToDo items added to tracker

Feb 13, 2011 at 12:04 AM

The issue tracker now includes all items currently being processed as part of API v2010 support.

Please sort the tracker items and have a look at anything updated today (12-feb-2010) or after.

Check out the Twilio upgrade pages and check your apps for areas where TSL.NET, your app, and Twilio will be out of sync:




Please let me know here if you see anything that I've missed, (that's a Discussion matter).

Or add comments to tracker items if you have a technical contribution (that's Tracker stuff).


API v2010 support will be introduced in TSL.NET v0.3.1.  A v0.3.1 will also be released to support v2008.  But that will probably be the last v2008 release.  When we are all happy with the v2010 support, the release will be bumped to a real v1.0 production and we can get this project out of beta status.  That's the plan anyway.   :)


Please don't ask "when" v2010 support will be available.  As developers you should know better. :)

I'm working on this in my free time, as time permits.  If you need project development expedited, please contact me about a development engagement, and/or you can offer to take a look at any of the items in the tracker.  Suffice to say, I use TSL.NET all the time myself and I'm as motivated as anyone to get full v2010 support ASAP.


Thanks for your patience and support!