I think it's time to retire/close this project

Apr 2, 2013 at 5:10 PM
As much as I love this TSL.NET library, Twilio published a new official .NET library after this one that has all of the same features, and much more. It's very clean, kept up-to-date, and also FOSS, and it doesn't hurt that it's "officially" supported. The official library is derived from the johnsheehan/TwilioApi base. Not only is John an employee at Twilio but he's a well respected professional in his own right, and I like the idea that the official library is based on his work.

After that was published I didn't see much reason to keep developing this package. So you'll find that TSL.NET hasn't been maintained in over 2 years, and is thus not current with the latest Twilio features. TSL.NET also doesn't include features that are in the official package like support for MVC, WebMatrix, Silverlight, WinPhone, or Twilio Client.

So at this point I think it's safe to say this project should be retired, and I would encourage everyone using TSL.NET to migrate to the official Twilio C# library if you haven't already. That's my direction, and any further contributions I might have to Twilio-related .NET code will be over there.

This code will not be withdrawn, it will be left here. Anyone who wants to fork and continue maintenance of the code is welcome to do so but I'd appreciate it if the NebulaRnD namespace gets changed in that process to differentiate the offerings. Frankly, given the age of this code I'd highly recommend that new efforts be put into enhancing the official library rather than a competing one that probably can't provide much more value-add.

Sincere thanks to everyone who downloaded this code, anyone who looked at the source, anyone who actually is using it or has, and anyone who took the time to comment here or by email.