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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Of course since this is a new project I'm going to make up the FAQs to start, but I'm guessing these are the questions that will be frequently asked. ;)

Q : Why was TSL.NET created?
A : As mentioned on the Home page, there was nothing else available for C# that I felt I could rely on, extend, fix if required, etc. I wanted a library that I could use to create new products based on the Twilio platform and didn't want to chance building on a library that I couldn't control.
Q : Doesn't Twilio have their own TwiML library for C#?
A : For PHP and Java, yes. Not for C#. Adam at Twilio recently announced that he is also adding TwiML processing to the existing C# library. The "company supported" library and TSL.NET will either compete or one may be absorbed into the other. This CodePlex project gives TSL.NET an opportunity to grow quickly in a public medium and will give people more of a choice about how they code.
Q : Where's the code? When can we download it?
A : See the Downloads menu link. v.0.2.1 has been released and this is a Release Candidate for v1.0.0 Production. Please provide feedback in Discussions and the Issue Tracker so that we can all benefit.
Q : Why does this look so much like one of the other projects on CodePlex?
A : I actually noticed that after I had written TSL.NET and I was searching CodePlex to make sure I didn't use an existing name for the project. I saw the other projects before but didn't pay much attention to the code samples when I saw that source wasn't available. It shouldn't seem surprising that two developers implement an established API in a similar fashion. However, I think you'll find TSL.NET is much more robust. For example, a lot of effort has been put into strongly typed fields being used for arguments, rather than strings. I wish the other author(s) well with their TwiML libraries but I think I have something that's better, or at least better for me. YMMV
Q : What can we use this for?
A : Tons of stuff.
  • Call people with reminders or to advise people that errors have occurred somewhere.
  • Create a virtual conference room.
  • Integrate with Microsoft SAPI for speech synthesis and voice recognition
  • Create a custom menuing system.
See the Twilio website, blog, and forums for lots of inspiration.

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