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Tests Project

The project NebulaRnD.TwilioServer.Tests is a Windows Forms app where the developer is prompted for a folder and a filename. A Run Tests button executes code to create a log file at the path specified, and then it runs a collection of tests.

The TestRunner class has a RunTests method which shows the results for all tests available in this project.

In the Tests folder of the project, there is a class for every supported Verb, Each class has one or more methods (Test1, Test2, etc) which simply exercise specific members of the related verb class. So the GatherTests class in the Gather_Tests.cs module has a test to create a Response object, then add a Gather object, and some others.

The output of the tests is TwiML, which is then written to the log file specified. The TwiML is not sent to Twilio for processing.

It is hoped that developers who use this project will add new tests to these classes, and use these unit tests to verify bugs and verify related fixes. As new features are added, a test should be added to the related test classes to ensure the proper functioning of the new code.

Tests for SMS were added to v0.2.0 which now supports SMS functionality.

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